We’re Making Energy Management Cheaper And Easier For Our Clients

We are investing in a new system to make energy management cheaper and easier for you, our clients.

We’ve invested in Utility Locker – a new dashboard system from which clients can manage and monitor their energy use. We are extremely proud to be the first brokerage in the UK to offer this new energy management dashboard to all of our customers, free of charge.

Utility Locker enables the management of multiple buildings and multi-utilities through a single interface. By accessing the dashboard, you will be able to pull together meter, building environment and system data from multiple buildings to present a holistic view of the estate.

Commenting on the new system, Paul Cobb, our Managing Director, said: “Energy management is a journey which can become longer and more complicated with each step – which is why we wanted to create a place where our customers could keep everything they need safely in one place.

“We understand that having multiple suppliers across a portfolio can be a nightmare to manage – Utility Locker makes it simple. Our dashboard means that all bills can be accessed online each month giving our customers a true one stop system regardless of supplier.”

Our new dashboard system will work with most existing monitoring equipment and metering systems such as smart meters and submetering systems and can be implemented quickly – removing the need for replacing existing equipment.

One of people behind the new system, Ricky Chaplin, Manager here at The Green Energy Advice Bureau’s Liverpool office, said: “By providing our customers with the ability to manage assets and buildings centrally, using an easy-to-use interface that is highly navigable and doesn’t need complex and expensive programming, we will save our customers thousands of pounds in operation costs.

“Utility Locker will give our customers the information they need to identify and justify energy savings projects such as LED lighting, research to find out how much can be saved and what the return on investment would be.”

To find out more about how Utility Locker can help your business streamline energy processes, get in touch with our team of experts.

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