After months of exceptional hard work in a close-run race; Adam Brown and Abby Howard finished joint first, with Nathan Bell and Faye Toward runners up.

All four Lead Generators smashing their targets and winning life-changing prizes in the process.

Upon the announcement of the initial two winners; Adam and Abby, winning a car and holiday, both turned down the prospective prizes and thought it only fair that runners up Nathan and Faye were rewarded too. In a move which further underlined the family culture at The Green Energy Advice Bureau, Adam, Abby, Faye and Nathan split the cost of the car and holiday.

Lead Generator Adam Brown, new to the energy sector, further elucidated and was delighted with his prize commenting:

“It might sound cliché, but it didn’t seem fair having just two winners after so many people worked so hard!

“I discussed with Paul about the possibility of changing the prize and incorporating my teammates. After a small discussion everyone agreed to cash prizes.

“This money is going to change my life.”

We are still on the lookout for new members of staff, think you’ve got what it takes to join? Well apply now on our careers page.

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