On 1st April 2017 a major shake-up of water regulation is set to make eligible businesses substantial savings.

Rather than receiving water and sewerage directly from a local supplier, if you’re a non-household customer, including eligible charities, businesses and public sector organisations, you will have the opportunity to choose your water and sewerage supplier – taking into account factors such as cost, customer service and contractual obligations.

Our Director Paul Cobb has said about the move: “The deregulation of the water market is a great opportunity for all businesses to improve their water supply in terms of cost saving, tailored services and the efficient use of water.

“Businesses will be able to select the most appropriate supplier for their needs. We have offered constructive and effective advice to all of our customers in their energy supply needs and we can’t wait to offer the same invaluable advice for water supply.

“We work with thousands of businesses across the UK and adding water to the wide range of services we offer will greatly boost our existing clients and future customers budget savings, peace of mind and environmental conscience. It’s great news for the sector.”

The physical supply of your water will not change but it will be the additional services that Green Energy Advice Bureau can offer to you that will make the difference. So don’t miss out on this opportunity for your business to improve its water supply services.

Our consultants are dedicated to providing you with the most up-to-date rates, compliances and best practice methods. You can consider us as part of your team, helping your business to run efficiently and effectively in both energy and water supply.

For more information on how we can assist you with first-class water supply and customer service, get in touch!

Call us on 0191 303 7750 or email [email protected]

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