We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best available customer service, it’s always fantastic to hear we are succeeding in our aims.

One of our latest happy customers took the time to send us a fantastic testimonial, which you can read below:

I would like to formally offer you some feedback on the service I have directly received from my account managers

To offer context to the situation, it should be noted that I have used another (Large) company as a broker on behalf of us for some years.

I have in that time come to realise that the offer of good customer service and a client-centred approach has diminished over recent months.

Due to the sector that we operate in, it is quite often a low priority when procuring new utility contracts, but still a financial regard for the purposes of running our business.

Being able to trust and have faith in a select service or group of people is or appears to be an almost extinct notion.

I would like to express our gratitude for the professional, friendly and client focused service that your team have offered us.

Working together with your account managers, they have shown great communication levels at all stages and have grasped a great working understanding of our requirements and the possible pitfalls in our contract alignments and logistics.

I have been afforded true expertise from these two individuals and information has been relayed back to me in a way that I can understand without confusion, or the need to research a good understanding of the business that you operate in.

Being able to save time and money in the current climate is a necessity that often falls short and the opportunity to pass this responsibility in some respects over to an external person that has your best interest in mind is a process that I did not feel was available anymore.

Your account managers have looked out for our best interests and have even developed a warm and friendly dialogue with the Company owner/Director. They have restored faith in excellent customer service and putting the client first.

By displaying an expertise in their fields, they have been able to convey information in a way that suits me best, concise with speed to allow me to look at other priorities, but with a professionally warm and caring attitude.

I feel for the first time that I am on my way to having full contract alignment and rates that suit the company best for its use.

I will conclude in saying, that if you continue to employ, invest and develop these types of people within your Company, you will be unable to do anything other than succeed in your goals. I imagine that your Company’s core values and goals can be summed up in the personality traits and morals of these two individuals and I wish your Company all the success for the future.

Thanks again for your services and I urge you to continue investing in these types of people in the future.

Yours sincerely


Operations Manager

If you too would like to experience our first-class customer service, why not give us a call today on 0191 303 7750 and see how we could help save you money on your business energy.

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