Understanding Energy Trends And How They Affect Our Customers

Understanding the energy sector and market is a major element of what we do here at The Green Energy Advice Bureau. We always keep our finger on the pulse so we know exactly how any wider changes in the industry could affect our customers.

Our customers are always our main priority and staying informed on industry news helps us to support clients in the best way possible. As experts in all things energy, this enables us to foresee and act on trends, allowing our customers to take advantage of any developments, or protect themselves against any areas of risk when it comes to their energy or water supply.

We found a recent report published by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy particularly interesting so thought we’d share with you the most pertinent findings to help you to understand current trends and changes in the energy sector as a whole – without having to read the full report.

The report, issued last month, looked at energy trends from the past year. Firstly, electricity consumption throughout the UK was broadly unchanged in 2016 which is unsurprising. Our working and living habits have not changed drastically for a number of years; on occasions we have seen overall growth in electricity usage but this is steady and balanced.

Interestingly, coal output fell to a record low. Due to its negative effect on the environment, coal is being used less and less in the generation of electricity which is really positive news for those of us who like to appreciate the ways we can all contribute to being kinder to the environment.

This meant that the overall energy production was marginally less than in 2015, which was mostly offset by an increase in the use of gas to generate electricity. Therefore, it’s very important that you are being sensible with your business’ energy supply and procurement in order to counteract this.

We were also especially pleased to see the report highlight that provisional estimates are indicating that carbon emissions fell by 7 per cent in 2016 compared with 2015. This amazing achievement is associated by the earlier-mentioned shift in electricity generation from coal to gas. Low-carbon electricity’s share of generation actually increased across the whole of the year too – growing from 45.4 per cent to 45.6 per cent. This may not seem much, but when it comes to the bigger picture, these marginal gains can have a significant effect and contribute to a better environment for us all.

Speaking of being eco-friendly, for those of you who are keen to consider renewable and green energy alongside traditional energy sources, you may want to know more information the production of renewable energy.

Output from wind, solar and natural flow hydro decreased slightly in 2016. These changes are mostly related to changes in the weather, with a drop in rainfall, and average wind speed, which means these types of fluctuations are to be expected. As such, it’s more important than ever to ensure you have the expertise to strike the best deals when it comes to green energy for your business.

If you’re interested in finding out more about renewable energy sources and supply for your organisation, then make sure you get in touch with our friendly team. They’ll be able to help, advising you on the best deals for your business as well as how these particular markets work. Alternatively, we’re always happy to hear from businesses that are looking for support with traditional energy or water supply too.

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