The North East Education Consortium

The North East Education Consortium (NEEC) has been created by The Green Energy Advice Bureau to assist Free, Independent and Academy Status Schools with cost reduction initiatives.

By creating a pool of energy we provide a collective bulk purchasing energy procurement service to schools throughout the UK. Whether you are schools trust with a large multi-school portfolio or a single school, we make it possible for schools to combine their energy consumption and join a group of nearly one hundred other schools. Power in numbers!

Every day thousands of schools in the UK are educating our future generations. We firmly believe these organisations need to keep their overheads to a minimum to ensure they have maximum resources available to spend on their core services as at this time budgets are forever being scrutinised. With this in mind we created The North East Education Consortium (NEEC).

On average we are able to secure savings that range between 8% and 20% when compared against the rates that your organisation will currently pay, be that for a singular site or multi-site property portfolio. This is money that could be put to far better use within most schools and used in areas where it is needed the most.

Historically many schools have been incorrectly charged relating to VAT and CCL (Climate Change Levy). Many educational organisations have VAT applied to their invoices at 20% which also means CCL (Climate Change Levy) is also applied at point of invoice when all schools should be exempt from this charge. All our clients benefit from a full historic invoice audit to uncover any past inaccuracies regarding VAT or CCL (Climate Change Levy) errors and over payments. 100% of all monies recovered due to these errors will be refunded in full back to the school from their current/previous energy suppliers. In most cases we are able to go back up to 48 months even if you have changed supplies during that period.

All our schools benefit from

  • A current rate review to demonstrate/highlight savings available against current contractual rates allowing accurate planning for future budgets
  • Full historic invoice audit to highlight any past billing errors & recovery of any over payments
  • Invoice validation of all future bills for the duration of supply agreements to highlight any error before payment is due
  • Assistance with meter upgrades from suppliers to AMR (Smart Metering) at no cost to the school
  • Ongoing Account Management and advice regarding any energy related matters
  • A dedicated Account Manager who will guide you through managing your energy in the most efficient manner

To find out more please contact us and we will be happy to help.