Business Telecoms

GEAB provide telecom system essentials to keep your business connected, grow your existing communication networks, and upgrade systems as you focus on growing your business.

Helping your business get better connected

We provide telecom essentials to meet a range of business objectives, offering ultrafast fibre broadband connections, along with the most competitive mobile tariffs and bespoke phone systems to adapt to your growing requirements.

Working with some of the UK’s largest communication networks and suppliers, we’re able to offer our customers the lowest available prices on the market, providing flexible, future-proof telecom solutions which are able to be consolidated into one single bill.

Our telecoms team support your everyday business processes by taking an informed and flexible approach to improving your ways of working. We assist businesses of all sizes and work across industry sectors, combining in depth data analysis with consultancy advice to ensure we deliver solutions which are unique and valuable to your organisation.

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Why We’re Business Telecoms Experts

GEAB deliver straightforward solutions to keep businesses better connected across their workforce, customers, suppliers and teams.

Business Telecom Services

Enable your staff to stay connected, with clear communication and effective collaboration across feature-rich business phone systems.


Never miss a call with dynamic on-site office phone systems offering reliable, cost-effective phone lines to provide customers with 24/7 support and additional options to facilitate the needs of your workforce, with extra call features tailored to your business phone line services.


Fast, reliable and secure internet access is essential to the success of your business, and with business-grade cloud solutions and broadband services that won’t be slowed down by residential traffic, featuring cybersecurity protection as standard, we’ll ensure you get the best from your connection.

Mobile Phones

Your business is happening on the move, so we’ll keep you mobile with business mobile services, from SIM-only deals through to flexible shared data plans for large mobile fleets, and a variety of handsets and data plans that allow your people the advanced flexibility to work from anywhere.

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