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At The Green Energy Advice Bureau  we’re proud of our success and the outstanding service we provide to all of our clients. We work with a huge range of businesses and regardless of size or sector, we strive to deliver first-class customer service and the best rates available on the market – we really do go the extra mile!All of which wouldn’t be possible without our  focused, dedicated and experienced staff .

Not only do we look after our clients, we equally invest in our team  too. Our full staff base has amazing motivation and work ethic which really shines through to our service delivery.

We sat down with Dunja Cobb, Senior HR Manager to find out more about working at The Green Energy Advice Bureau…

So Dunja, what’s your background?

My background is very diverse! I graduated in Economics and Finance and have since worked in administration, marketing and the fashion industry.

Tell us a little bit about what your day-to-day job involves…

What I love about my job is that no one day is the same. On some days I can be arranging meetings, dealing with important paperwork and guiding, supporting and helping to develop the wider staff team.  Other days I can be researching job fairs, awards ceremonies or planning a party so it’s really varied which I love!

What is your favourite thing about The Green Energy Advice Bureau?

The fact that every single one of our employees has a say and knows they are being listened to.

It’s so important to maintain good staff relations so people enjoy their work and we maintain a happy workplace. That’s why I take my role as HR Manager very seriously, to make sure that each and every staff member feels comfortable, takes ownership and performs to the best of their ability which helps boost the productivity of the business overall.

In your career, how does working for The Green Energy Advice Bureau compare? What sets the company apart?

In terms of business practice The GEAB is most definitely the most ethical company I have worked for.

We always try and emphasise our friendliness and flexibility when it comes to tackling everyday tasks which makes it an amazing environment to be in.

What is your top energy saving tip for businesses?

It would be to establish energy efficient practices with your employees, for example, turning all the lights and computers off after office hours.

The GEAB is based in One Trinity Green in South Shields which is one of a few buildings in the UK to receive the BREEAM outstanding rate. What do you love about working in the building?

Being green and environmentally friendly is a big part of who we are and I think the building matches that perfectly! It is a focal point in the regeneration of the whole area, which is very exciting.

What is your proudest achievement at The GEAB and future plans?

When I started working at The GEAB I really got stuck in and worked hard! My efforts and skill-set was recognised and I became part of the management team within six months. I enjoy working in HR for the business and will continue to drive the business forward to achieve the outstanding results the business and staff truly deserve.

I have also created The GEAB’s CSR policy – 12% of people in the North East are in fuel poverty and I am proud to have created a policy to help to tackle this. Over the coming years I am hoping to make a real difference to our region’s most vulnerable people.

Finally…If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take three things, what would you take?!

As long as my husband is with me, I don’t think I would need much else. Although, knife and bottled water seem like a smart choice.

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