Paul Cobb

Managing Director and founder of The Green Energy Advice Bureau

Paul is the Managing Director and founder of The Green Energy Advice Bureau and has over 15 years of experience in sales and over 5 years experience in energy and sustainability consultancy sector. Under Pauls leadership the company has grown from just one person to over 20 staff in less than 2 years.

Paul started at the young age of 16 where he discovered a natural ability and talent for sales, he went on to gain sales experience in face-to-face, business to business , business to residential, and telesales across multiple sectors including, International Finance, International Freight, IT, Utilities and high value online marketing services. Pauls skill in sales, leadership and management resulted in his position as a manager of a  successful financial services company working internationally for 5 years in countries across Europe.

Paul founded The Green Energy Advice Bureau after identifying an opportunity to provide UK businesses with the highest quality energy and sustainability services. Paul has instilled the company with the core values of, honesty, simplicity, loyalty and dynamism to provide the best service available to all its clients.

Paul is a dynamic leader who works alongside his staff to achieve the companies commercial goals and deliver the highest possible service to all of its clients. He is always prepared to take action to ensure the integrity of the services provided to clients is not compromised and seize any opportunity to add value to the services offered by The Green Energy Advice Bureau.

Under Pauls leadership The Green Energy Advice Bureau is projected to grow rapidly and continue on its path to becoming one of the most successful and respected energy and sustainability consultancy services providers in the country.