How do we receive our fees?

  1. If we successfully arrange an energy or utility contract for you, we will be paid a commission by your chosen energy/utility supplier. We will disclose the amount of this commission to you prior to contract signature and the energy price quoted will be inclusive of this amount.

    1. Any commission will be paid by the energy supplier to us directly; you will not receive any invoices from ourselves.

    2. If our work with you does not result in an energy contract being signed, then we will not charge you for our abortive work.

    3. However, if we help you to agree an energy contract with an energy supplier and the contract does not come in effect (also known as ‘go live’), we will charge a fee in accordance with clause 4.8 of our Terms and Conditions of Business. You may also be charged a fee by the energy supplier with whom you had agreed a contract.

  2. Alternatively, we may in some circumstances be able to offer a ‘shared savings’ model, whereby we would be paid an agreed percentage of any savings or rebate we can arrange for you. Please contact us for more details or we will raise this with you if is appropriate.

  3. Finally, we can provide some of our services on a consultancy basis, under which we would be remunerated according to the time spent or based on agreed performance objectives being achieved.

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