Whether or not you’ve made your own personal New Year resolutions, the start of the New Year is a great time to set your business a few goals to help you cut the cost of your energy bills.

We understand that each business is different but following even just a couple of our New Year energy resolution suggestions will help your business save money in 2018.

  1. Take regular meter readings

By taking regular meter readings, you can keep track of how much energy your business is using on a regular basis. Having an understanding of how much energy your business consumes will make it much easier to see where improvements are needed and how well changes are working.

  1. Conduct an energy audit

If you’re not sure where to start in making improvements in your energy consumption, we can conduct an energy audit of your office and working premises to highlight any areas for improvement.

  1. Appoint an energy warden

Your business should have fire wardens and first aiders so why not an energy warden? Appointing one individual to conduct regular checks on energy waste in their department can help you cut your energy usage.

  1. Reward green behaviour

Has Susan from accounts made sure that her computer is off every night as she leaves? Has Tom in production made sure that the machine that’s only used once in a while is turned off when it’s not in use? By rewarding green behaviour, you’re likely to get more people on side. Small changes can really add up to big energy savings.

  1. Create a competition

If your employees are anything like ours, they’ll thrive on competition. Set up an energy saving competition within your company pitting teams against one another and rewarding the team who engages most successfully could win a prize.

  1. Get green fingered

You might want to wait until it gets a little warmer for this one, but planting shady trees outside your office will protect it from intense sun during the summer and chilly winds during the winter months.

  1. Make the most of tax breaks

There are a number of environmental taxes on offer which encourage your business to operate in a way which is more environmentally friendly. You may get tax relief if you use a lot of energy due to the nature of your business, you’re a small business that doesn’t use much energy or you buy energy-efficient technology for your business. Here at the Green Energy Advice Bureau, we can help you identify any schemes which your business may benefit from.

If our tips have inspired you to set some New Year resolutions for your business energy consumption, we’d be happy to help you highlight where savings can be made, simply get in touch with our expert energy consultants, on 0191 3037750 to find out more.

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