New kVA charges planned to customers exceeding their available supply capacity (ASC), as of April 1st 2018

Current Scenario

Currently if a Half-Hourly customer exceeds their kVA (available supply capacity – ASC) then the respective district network operator will charge the customer at the standard ASC rate, but no penalty is charged.

This means that the district network operators are not always able to recover the full cost of an ASC exceedance.

Proposed changes

The change, named “DCP 161”, is a new measure introduced by OFGEM to ensure that Half-Hourly supplies that exceed their ASC pay significantly more.

DCP 161 is a Penalty for customers with Half-Hourly (those with a 00 profile class) supplies exceeding their ASC.

DCP 161 will allow district network operators to recover the costs they incur when customers with HH meters exceed their ASC.

DCP 161 will introduce a penalty charge which could be up to 3 times higher than the standard ASC rate.

Penalties will vary by region and voltage and are expected to be higher in areas where demand is greatest.

How can businesses reduce the risk of exceeding their ASC and receiving the penalties?

There are a number of actions a company can take to reduce the risk of receiving penalties under DCP 161, including reducing energy consumption across the site, and carry out Half-Hourly data analysis to identify the reasons behind exceedances.

To find out how we can help your business prepare for DCP 161 get in touch to find out more

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