Life at GEAB is certainly eventful, another week, another amazing achievement! New Accounts Manager Faye Toward taking the baton as she bossed the Asics Manchester Marathon.

Faye who managed a respectable time of 5 hours 44 minutes, ran for the Stroke Association as both her mother and uncle suffered strokes in the past, luckily both making full recoveries.

She described the race as ‘enjoyable but definitely the most challenging to date’ and advised anyone planning on running a marathon to ‘train, train, train’.

A valuable member, Faye, has been at GEAB for almost two years and said she found work life rewarding both financially and emotionally. She went on to say: “Our office is a little family, I have made genuine friends not just work colleagues, If you’re focused, money-driven and determined working at GEAB is really a no-brainer.”

For more information on the Stroke Association and how to donate, click here.

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