Making your Business Green

The Green Energy Advice Bureau works alongside your business to procure cost-effective, green and renewably sourced energy supplies, helping your organisation make a valuable contribution towards tackling climate change.

GEAB Energy Services Team

“An energy audit can save your business between 10% and 40% a year on utility costs depending on usage.”

Green Energy Advice Bureau (GEAB), not only help and advise customers on the best available rates for Gas, Power and Water, we provide technology that allows your business to monitor and reduce your energy spend – resulting in working towards net zero.

GEAB provides a holistic approach to saving energy and costs throughout your organisation, by reducing both the cost and the number of kWhs you use.

The depth of savings will always depend on what efficiency measures have already been put in place; your building/operation type; and ROI expectations. Our energy services portfolio offers 4 services, any or all of which can be utilised. These services have been developed to help GEAB customers significantly reduce the kWhs they use:

  • Identify areas of energy waste.
  • Plan for overall or project energy reduction.
  • Implement & deliver efficiency projects with performance guarantees.
  • Verify return on energy efficiency investments.

Take the first step to reduce carbon footprint and lower business expenditure with an energy audit from the GEAB Energy Services team.

GEAB Energy Audits

The GEAB Energy Services team provide energy audits across sites, processes and multiple premises to analyse efficiency and review current commercial practices. Our report provides your organisation with comprehensive ways to reduce annual utility costs and lower business energy consumption.

Your GEAB consultant will suggest sustainable solutions to reduce carbon footprint, uncover hidden costs, and devise effective ways to optimise operations, while making substantial savings.

The GEAB energy audit is a simple 2-step process:

1. GEAB visit:

A qualified energy surveyor will visit your premises, accompanied by a nominated member of your staff, to access:

  • Operational patterns of core energy consuming activities.
  • Condition and efficiency of equipment.
  • System control and data access.
  • Energy measurement meters and sub-meters.
  • Building materials and internal processes.

2. GEAB report:

Your company will receive a comprehensive report which includes:

  • Best performing business areas.
  • Measures to reduce carbon footprint and consumption.
  • Improvements to workplace practices.
  • Free and costed solutions with indicative payback periods.
  • Details of return on investment.

GEAB Lighting Surveys

Lighting commercial buildings can add up to 40% workplace consumption.

Energy efficient LED lighting is a simple way to reduce carbon footprint and increase profit. GEAB energy and lighting surveyors provide internal and external commercial solutions, including:

  • Motion, occupancy and light-level sensors.
  • Upgrading lighting control systems.

Our experts ensure workplace lighting is tailored to requirement, and meets Health & Safety legislation and applicable building regulations.

Heating & Cooling Systems

Commercial heating and cooling systems can add up to 60% energy consumption.

The GEAB Energy Services team support your business to provide an environmentally focused, comfortable, and cost-effective workplace offering services and advice, including:

  • Optimum control systems.
  • Reduced operating costs.
  • Equipment maintenance.
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Green Energy Services: Pulse

Implement energy saving technologies, make simple procedural changes, and the result could make a big impact on your business costs and carbon footprint.

The Pulse monitoring dashboard allows users to monitor and analyse consumption through a cloud-based management system. Pulse provides access to data allowing users to analyse costs and identify expenditure. Pulse offers benefits, including:

  • View data in 24-hour or date format, with real-time updates.
  • Evaluate peak demand of individual systems and/or appliances.
  • Create notifications on cost, emission, or consumption deviation.
  • Identify business areas or equipment which contribute to utility costs.
  • Reduce Peak Time usage with energy-specific data readings.
  • Analyse solar energy management and performance.

GEAB Financial Support

Our expert solutions can save your organisation between 6% and 30% on operating costs.

GEAB support going green for your business with funding available for projects of all sizes. From on-site generation, to LED lighting, and low-carbon technologies, we offer financial assistance to help your business adapt to on-going energy efficiency and increased profitability.

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