What’s so important about my business lighting?

Lighting in commercial buildings can use up to 40% of its total electricity consumption, which significantly affects how much energy an organisation consumes and how much it costs to keep the lights on.

Replacing older less efficient lighting with newer more energy efficient lighting is one of the cheapest and an easiest ways to reduce your organisations energy consumption from lighting and save money.

When combined with upgrades to lighting controls, the impact can be even greater. Using motion sensor switches, occupancy sensors and light level sensors you can ensure that any working space is suitably lit for the minimum amount of time possible, reducing your electricity costs and optimising the working lighting conditions.

Replacing old lighting with more efficient LED lighting will help your business increase its profitability and reduce its carbon footprint.

Our service

We offer Energy Audits and Lighting Surveys to help you find the most energy efficient and best suited lighting technologies and controls for your site.

We can review both internal and external lighting in the following sectors:

  • Office
  • Educational
  • Medical & Care services
  • Commercial and Retail
  • Industrial

Our expert energy and lighting surveyors will ensure that you comply with all applicable building regulations and health and safety legislation related to lighting in order to achieve the best results for your business.

We also offer financial support to help your business make the change towards more energy efficient and suitable lighting for your business premises.

To find out more please contact us and we will be happy to help.