Green/Renewable Energy Procurement

Energy supply in the UK accounts for 25% + of the UK’s CO2 emissions. More and more organisations are now looking for ways to minimise their environmental impact and cut their emissions. Procuring green/renewably sourced energy supplies are a cost-effective way to help an organisation to do their part in tackling climate change.

The Green Energy Advice Bureau has a range of procurement options available to organisations looking to secure their energy supply contracts that includes electricity generated from green/renewable sources.

These include procuring supply contracts where the electricity you consume comes fully certified and certificated from the supplier showing that the electricity consumed has been procured from renewable sources (carbon free or low carbon).

Carbon Free

Carbon free production may include electricity produced using technologies such as wind, wave & tidal & solar/PV.
Electricity generated from any of these sources has historically been more expensive than traditional brown energy supplies, however most major suppliers are now able to offer green/renewable electricity at rates that are at least as cost effective as traditional supplies.

Low Carbon

Low carbon production may include electricity produced using technologies such as biomass & combined heat & power systems (CHP) amongst others.
Again, these supplies are now available at rates that are again as cost effective as tradition electricity supplies.

Carbon Off-setting

Should you wish to procure more traditional brown energy supplies we are able to off-set the carbon produced in its production by securing carbon credits. These are available to off-set traditional brown electric supplies and for your organisations gas supplies.

*Please note that the CCL exemption that was associated to green/renewable tariffs was removed by the chancellor in the 2015 annual budget.

To find out more please contact us and we will be happy to help.