Fixed Energy Procurement

Taking a fixed price and term supply contract allows for complete budget certainty for the full duration of the supply agreement. Fixing all the elements of your supply contract removes the risk of exposure to market volatility and gives your organisation greater budget certainty and protects you against future price increases in the volatile energy markets.

A fully fixed contract will traditionally include all charges relating to your energy supply including the wholesale energy cost, transportation & distribution costs & any government taxes & levies (excluding VAT & CCL – Climate Change Levy).

The Green Energy Advice Bureau have developed relationships with all major UK energy providers alongside agreements with specialist independent commercial energy suppliers to ensure we are able to provide maximum market coverage when negotiating supply agreements for your organisation.

How it works

  • The Green Energy Advice Bureau create an up to date dataset for each meter within your organisations portfolio detailing each meter’s current costs and annual expenditure.
  • We collect and collate all relevant data from your current suppliers and review for any errors or inconsistencies.
  • We then issue tenders to energy suppliers (gas, electric & water), stipulating any specific requirements.
  • We analyse all supplier offers and create a shortlist for your organisations consideration based on pre-determined criteria.
  • We then create a bespoke proposal highlighting the most cost effective options to match your organisational requirements.
  • We then manage the contract acceptance process from beginning to completion on your behalf. This also includes The Green Energy Advice Bureau managing the transfer to your new supply agreements to ensure all deadlines are met with accuracy.
  • The Green Energy Advice Bureau will then provide ongoing account management for the full duration of your chosen supply agreements.

To find out more please contact us and we will be happy to help.