What is meant by Carbon Footprint?

The term carbon footprint refers to the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere due to the specific activities of an individual, an organisation, or within a community. The UK aims to reduce these harmful emissions in line with the 2050 Net Zero target to create a more sustainable future.

Do GEAB charge for this service?

GEAB currently follow a clear and transparent uplift model, with the Strategic Account Manager and/or Energy Services Team commission rates embedded into contracts within either the unit rates or standing charge. We fully disclose the margin made by ourselves to all customers at point of sale.

How can you help a multi-site business?

Energy management can be a time-consuming and complex task for any business, but for multi-site organisations with a large portfolio, getting the right energy strategy in place is critical to guarding against significant overspend.

What is the Climate Change Levy (CCL)?

The Climate Change Levy is an environmental tax which was introduced in 2001 and applies to businesses in the industrial, public services, commercial and agricultural sectors. The CCL is charged against taxable commodities for heating, lighting and power purposes to non-domestic consumers.

What is Net Zero?

Net Zero refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas which is produced, versus the amount which is removed from the atmosphere. We will reach Net Zero status when the amount we add is no more than the amount subtracted. The UK hopes to obtain this status by 2050.


How are energy bills estimated?

The previous meter reading will be taken from your last bill and subtracted from your current reading. This figure is then multiplied by 2.83 to obtain the volume used in cubic metres. The result is multiplied by the energy contained in the gas or electricity used (the calorific value), which is divided by 3.6 to obtain the number of kilowatt-hours (kWh). Finally, the number of kWh used is multiplied by the pence per kWh rate to obtain the approximate consumption cost.

How can I reduce my energy costs?

Reducing consumption across your business can range from making simple changes including installing LED lighting systems and improving heat retention with window film insulation; to implementing half-hourly metering systems and Smart monitoring across sites for greater control and insight into energy usage. GEAB can advise on the most worthwhile solutions for your business. Find out more in our guide 6 Ways to Grow a Greener Business.

What affects the price of business energy?

Several factors can affect the wholesale price of business energy, including the weather, storage, regulatory pressures, crude oil prices, flow and availability, and wind generation.

What are the benefits of a Smart meter?

Smart meters automatically generate data and update readings every 30-minutes. Gas and electricity usage is displayed in real time, with consumption measured with more accurately, which means your business is billed for the amount of energy used, rather than estimated workplace usage, which can result in over or under-charging. You won’t need to submit meter readings to your supplier, and it is far easier to review processes and monitor consumption.

How do business energy contracts differ from domestic energy?

Business energy contracts tend to be for a fixed duration usually between one to five years, without the option to cancel early. Businesses can opt into fixed-rate energy contract with GEAB to protect them against changes in the energy market.


Do GEAB provide telecoms audits?

Your GEAB adviser will conduct an audit of your existing systems to understand how your business currently operates, asking you to share any challenges, and the ways in which you wish to improve service. We will then deliver a bespoke, business-grade communications package aimed at reducing costs, and helping your business stay secure and better connected wherever and whenever you’re working.

What is Fibre optic or superfast broadband?

Fibre optic broadband is a more advanced broadband delivery system which is able to deliver greater volumes of information at faster speeds through fibre optic cables which carry data via beams of light. These cables offer greater speeds over longer distances, providing faster and more reliable performance.

How do I choose the right technology platform for my business?

With so many new technologies and solutions, the rise of cloud computing and the convergence between IT and communications, it can be difficult to determine which products and solutions are worth the investment. In a competitive market that’s rapidly evolving, choosing and adopting new technology can be quite challenging.

What are the installation charges?

Installation costs will be determined by your choice of telecoms product(s), as all telecoms which have a different installation price which we will discuss with you in detail.

How do I choose the right mobile deal for my business?

GEAB offer a range of tariffs from a large choice of networks. After evaluating the needs of your workforce, we can combine multiple tariffs from different networks onto one single bill, giving your business a huge range of options.


Do I have to have my water supplied by my regional supplier?

Water and wastewater services to your premises will always be supplied by the regional wholesaler, however since market deregulation you have been able to switch retailer to unlock better prices, better customer services, and additional services where required. GEAB are here to make this process simple with our 4 step process, which takes all the hassle out of shopping around and finds the best deal for you.

Do water prices vary depending on region?

Your water and wastewater services are still provided by your regional wholesaler, who are responsible for ensuring a continuous supply and maintaining the local network. However, since deregulation of the market you are now free to choose your retailer, who is responsible for billing, account management, water efficiency and the provision of other additional services. The wholesale rate of water is set by your wholesaler based on a range of different factors, so customers can expect to see regional variation.

What is energy efficient water tech?

These devices save water and energy by minimising the use of heated water. Water efficient taps are a great way to save on water. Automatic and sensory taps are also a good option, eliminating the risk of taps being left to run. If you can, install a rainwater harvesting system for any landscaping and cooling needs.

How can I encourage staff to practice water-saving?

Place signs around the business to promote water-efficient culture and remind employees to be conscientious of use. Encouraging staff to take simple steps such as only using water needed in the kettle, running a dishwasher only when full, and fully turning off taps. Encourage employees to get involved and contribute ideas towards water-saving goals.

How can I reduce my water bill?

Regular maintenance checks are essential for keeping your water costs manageable. Dripping taps and hidden leaks are two of the most common reasons for sudden changes in your water bill, but easily fixed to lower your overheads. Find out more in our guide 5 Ways to Avoid Water Waste.

EV Charging

What grants are available for EV infrastructure?

Funding schemes are available to support EV rollout, including the UK's Plug-In Grant scheme for vehicle funding, along with the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS), a voucher-based scheme to support charging points. Your GEAB advisor will access your suitability for these schemes, along with all relevant financial incentives and funding options.

What happens during the application stage?

During the EV application stage, GEAB will arrange a site audit to put the best plan of how to install your business EV points in place.

Do you need to install a new meter for EV supply?

You won't necessarily require new meter installation, but our EV specialists will advise of the best infrastructure for your needs following a visit to your site.

I have leasehold – can I install EV charge points?

Providing you get permission from the relevant parties, this shouldn't be an issue, and we can install your EV stations.

If there is a problem with a charge point what support is available?

If you experience any issues, you can contact GEAB and we will arrange to have an engineer visit to resolve your issue at the earliest convenience.

Energy Management

Can GEAB help with any issues with my current supplier?

GEAB will act on your behalf to resolve any existing issues with your current supplier, wherever relevant. We provide historical bill validation to analyse any discrepancies, review your agreed supply capacity levels, and provide the best available deals to reduce wastage and lower consumption to improve on your current energy plan.

Why should I use a procurement consultant?

GEAB consultants deliver invaluable services including negotiating price reductions due to long-term relationships with energy suppliers, keeping your business informed regarding grants and schemes you may be eligible to apply for, and helping to consolidate your billing.

Who looks after my account after the switch?

GEAB appoint a Strategic Account Manager to all customers, responsible for every stage of your journey, resolving any issues, and providing a fast and efficient response. Customers are contacted on a three-monthly basis to discuss their account and ensure billing is accurate and customer satisfaction is high, along with receiving relevant energy updates.

How do I switch business energy suppliers?

Contact GEAB and please ensure you have a copy of your most recent commercial gas and electricity bill for a quick, independent comparison based on your commercial usage.

What is a Letter of Authority?

The Letter of Authority (LOA) is quick form customer’s fill in to enable our advisors to act on your behalf as we liaise with suppliers to secure the best prices for your business, terminate your current agreement if necessary, and oversee the switch.

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