Energy Audits

What is an energy audit?

An energy audit provides your organisation with a full overview and analysis of how energy is used at your site of business. It can be focussed on individual industrial processes, whole sites or multiple sites.

An energy audit will typically involve a site visit to your organisations premises business where a qualified energy surveyor will walk around with a member of staff (typically the facilities manager, office manager or site engineer) and:

  • Ask questions regarding the operating patterns of the core energy consuming activities
  • Make observations on the condition and efficiency of the equipment at the site
  • Make observations on the systems controls an information available to site staff
  • Make observations on the building materials and internal processes
  • Make observations on energy measurement at the site (meters and sub meters)
  • Make observations on staff behaviour and managerial commitment to energy efficiency

After the site visit is completed a report will be published which collates all the questions and observations and is then presented to the company managers or relevant site staff members.

The report will highlight how energy is used at your site and what measures can be taken in order to reduce the energy consumption and your carbon footprint, as well as highlight what your business is doing well.

The report will describe free and costed solutions with indicative payback periods and details of return on investment.

How much could I save?

Based on experience our, expert energy assessors typically identify around 20% in energy saving measures for your organisation.

Our service

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