Dutch Market Interview

Tell us a bit about your current job role?

I have started my career on the sales floor and worked my way up into sales Management.
My job consists of many things, but most importantly, looking for better ways to use our resources to get the best results quickly.

What made you decide to go into the Dutch market now?

The Dutch market is flooded with advisors who are connected to a certain platform or a supplier. An independent trusted advisor with focus on renewable energy and reduction of consumption is something the Netherlands needs right now. While everybody is struggling to reduce the cost of the unit rate, we help the customer find true savings by improving the way they manage their energy.

How do you keep your team motivated?

The most important factor for a team to be motivated is ensuring that we have the resources we need to be successful. On top of a good salary, we make sure that all the knowledge and support is there to help progress our staff.

We also run incentives to challenge ourselves and celebrate success together. The rest is common sense; We spend 40 hours a week together, so the more we can make our staff feel at home, the easier it gets to keep ourselves motivated.

The atmosphere is a no-nonsense, non-hierarchy office where we share knowledge, have a laugh together and take ownership. The management works in service of the staff to reach our shared goals.


What are the main differences when it comes to Energy, between the UK and Dutch market?

The UK energy market is much more mature as they have been deregulated for a longer time.

In the Netherlands companies are financially stimulated to choose renewable energy and actively take measures to reduce consumption, making it more affordable to initiate improvements. In the UK the government has a bigger involvement in enforcing sustainability.

What would you say is the best thing about working at TGEAB?

The atmosphere. Because we work with sector professionals and everyone knows what is expected of them, we know when to work hard and when to enjoy a good laugh. There’s a lot of communication between staff of all levels, so everyone gets the bigger picture.

What is your go-to advice when it comes to energy savings?

Every customer is different. Most of the time, you can save on unit rates and consumption. If you adapt to the business needs and reduce or avoid energy going to waste, you are on the right track.

On a different note, tell us your perfect holiday destination?

There are a lot of destinations on my list for the upcoming year. One of them is travelling through Texas and neighbouring states.

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