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‘‘As someone who is surrounded with sustainability professionals, I try to minimize my own environmental footprint everyday’’ – Paul Cobb, Director

The views of our CEO are a direct result of the observation made by them on how ‘doing the right thing’ has helped strengthen our company’s performance. Corporate Social Responsibility, to us, represents much more than just going above and beyond to help the ones in need. We strongly believe that, in order to do the right thing, you have to start with yourself.

We pride ourselves on our positive work culture, company image and staff productivity – all leading to such a low employee turnover within The Green Energy Advice Bureau.

Doing the ‘right thing’’ can be challenging at times, but what businesses don’t realise is that, even by doing small things like, investing in supplies that result in less environmental impact and generate higher income for the companies who are sustainable – you are working with us to create a better future!’’ – said Paul who is, through The Green Energy Advice Bureau, supporting and working with local and sustainable businesses to help battle ongoing issues.

We know that we are directly responsible for every decision we make for our customers – that’s why at The Green Energy Advice Bureau – we are working hard on reducing costs, sharing our values and increasing our customer’s revenue!

We like to think that our customers reflect us in many ways, and our relationships are stronger than just your average ‘broker-customer relations’

One of many ways we show our support to the local community is investing time and funds into Northumberland Wildlife Trust – Who have, in the last few years, done many amazing things for our community, including – restoring over 100 ha of rare peatland and heathland, enabled over 250 volunteers each year to take action for wildlife and inspired over 15,000 children with their educational programmes.

We currently looking for more charitable organisations to work with – not just to tackle global warming but also, help the ones in need! We are hoping to change and directly influence people’s lives through charities like Peoples Kitchen and Help 4 Heroes and motivate others to do the same.

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