Business Water Procurement

GEAB water procurement offers your business greater control and advice on reducing operating costs and increasing profits with a water supplier and strategy tailored to your business, eligibility, and requirements.

Finding the best water prices for your business

The deregulation of the water market in Scotland in 2008 and in England in 2017 provided GEAB energy consultants with the ability to negotiate the best deals for our clients due to a constant fluctuation across water rates. Whether water is crucial to your business or you’re looking to reduce general operating costs, along with supporting environmental concerns, deregulation provides eligible businesses, charities and public sector clients, with the opportunity to switch water supplier and consider better deals which may offer your business significant savings.

The open market also enables businesses operating premises in more than one region to consolidate their bills. So, if you currently operate across various regional water suppliers, with multiple contracts, consolidating your bills will make it much easier to manage water costs and evaluate overall business usage.

Why change?

Eligible businesses, charities and public sector clients are no longer restricted to buying water services from their regional water company.

Greater control in appointing a water retailer across a competitive market brings many opportunities for your business. We work with clients to help businesses become more water efficient and avoid wastage, take advantage of tailored services, including consolidated billing, experience improvements to customer service, and lower their bills and charges.

How can we help?

Our experienced water consultants advise your business across the water supplier market, offering potential upgrades to your existing service.

Your business requirements and preferences will be at the forefront of our service. Whether you’re looking for further details to implement environmental improvements, or wish to reduce running costs, we deliver a bespoke package, recommending potential upgrades to your existing services and supply, and securing the best available water contract for your organisation.

Managing your water supply

Whether water is crucial to your business or you wish to reduce outgoings on your basic supply, reviewing water usage can create valuable savings and reduce your carbon footprint.

Our Process

Why clients trust our approach

GEAB work with an established portfolio of businesses, charities, and public sector clients, offering cost effective

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Step 1: Consultation

We’ll discuss your business requirements and review your existing water expenditure.

Step 2: Comparison

After you sign a Letter of Authority, we have permission to search for your most competitive package.

Step 3: Consideration

We present the three top supplier packages from across the water market, meeting all your business objectives.

Step 4: Switch & Save!

We secure the best deal for your business, overseeing your switch with our hassle-free, 4-step process.

Frequently asked questions

Do GEAB charge for this service?

GEAB currently follow a clear and transparent uplift model, with the Strategic Account Manager and/or Energy Services Team commission rates embedded into contracts within either the unit rates or standing charge. We fully disclose the margin made by ourselves to all customers at point of sale.

Do water prices vary depending on region?

UK customers can expect a great deal of variation in water charges based on where they live and who supplies their water. Water usage may not have much correlation with your water bill, which will be made up of a fixed charge and a charge based on the rateable value of your home according to local authority assessment.

How can I reduce my water bill?

Regular maintenance checks are essential for keeping your water costs manageable. Dripping taps and hidden leaks are two of the most common reasons for sudden changes in your water bill, but easily fixed to lower your overheads. Find out more in our guide 5 Ways to Avoid Water Waste.

Do I have to have my water supplied by my regional supplier?

Customers are free to choose their water supplier since the water market opened in 2017, giving eligible businesses, charities and Public Sector clients the ability to purchase their supply from water retailers and wastewater services.

What is energy efficient water tech?

These devices save water and energy by minimising the use of heated water. Water efficient taps are a great way to save on water. Automatic and sensory taps are also a good option, eliminating the risk of taps being left to run. If you can, install a rainwater harvesting system for any landscaping and cooling needs.

How can I encourage staff to practice water-saving?

Place signs around the business to promote water-efficient culture and remind employees to be conscientious of use. Encouraging staff to take simple steps such as only using water needed in the kettle, running a dishwasher only when full, and fully turning off taps. Encourage employees to get involved and contribute ideas towards water-saving goals.

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