Helping Multi-Site Businesses Find the Best Energy Deals

We provide invaluable insight into reducing consumption and finding the best solutions for your business, creating bespoke procurement packages for multi-site businesses.

Get the best multi-site business energy deal

Multi-site businesses tend to work with a number of energy suppliers, which means multiple utility invoices and end dates, which can prove confusing to manage, often resulting in inflated tariffs due to rolling contracts. GEAB collate your energy accounts across site, taking care of time-consuming and sometimes confusing contract negotiation, and working to reduce your annual expenditure. We help multi-site operations to lower consumption with a full energy audit, securing either a business energy multisite meter or separate contracts for each of your sites in one seamless, stress-free switching process.

Our multi-meter and multi-site clients benefit from specialist insight into energy management, upgrading your existing metering systems to help monitor consumption, track emissions, and identify spikes across equipment, with remote access available across several sites.

Cost Effective

We review your contracts, identify billing discrepancies to ensure you save on bills in the ever-rising energy market.

Time Saving

GEAB search for the lowest tariffs and negotiate directly with energy suppliers to save you time while we save your business money.

Hassle Free

Once we find the best deal for your business, we leave it to you to give the go ahead, then take care of every step of your switch.


We can help you to make simple changes, consider green options, and reduce emissions with straight-forward advice.

We support the future of your business

We’re here with help and advice whenever you need it, supporting multi-site businesses to make cost-saving, climate conscious decisions.

Making you energy efficient

Multi-site metering covers your entire operational site with remote access, regardless of the amount of business premises or locations you occupy, enabling you to consolidate consumption levels to gain greater control of your business.

Making your business green

Upgrading monitoring systems increases the transparency of processes. This facilitates a greater awareness of carbon footprint, with access to highly accurate data supporting your business to review systems and equipment on an individual basis.

Making the right choice

We search the market against your specific requirements, bringing you the best choice of energy supplier, with discounts available based on usage, and consolidating your energy account with one contract renewal date to avoid expensive roll-on tariffs.

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