Choosing a new gas or electricity supplier for your business could help to reduce annual expenditure and lower existing overheads. A simple switch to a new energy contract could provide you with more funds to reinvest in other areas of your business, and help to work towards a greener future.

The commercial energy landscape can be time-consuming and complex to navigate. Working with a GEAB energy consultant saves time and money, while ensuring you make the right choice to support your business. We work across the market to match the exact requirements of SMEs, public sector organisations and multi-site operations to lower emissions, streamline process, and secure energy packages tailored to budget.

SME Business Energy Procurement

We provide invaluable insight into lowering consumption and finding the best prices across the energy market, creating bespoke procurement packages tailored to lower your utility bills and support your business.

Large Business Energy Procurement

We provide guidance and offer granular insight into the needs of your organisation, with specialist advisory services on low carbon technologies, and procuring services you need to support your contribution to Net Zero.

Multi-site Business Energy Procurement

We provide consolidated solutions to energy efficient management across multiple sites, saving your portfolio from significant overspend, and advising on advanced monitoring of energy and carbon reporting.

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