Meter Operator Agreement


What is a Meter Operator Agreement?

A MOP is a legal requirement for all half-hourly electricity-supplied meters (HH). This contract covers the supply of the meter, along with the maintenance and necessary telecommunications for providing consumption data to your energy supplier.

A Meter Operator Agreement (MOP) must be established before a meter can be installed. After installation, the MOP contract can be agreed. Your MOP shares consumption data to your electricity supplier, so you receive more accurate prices for energy use, rather than supplier estimates.

Which meter do I need?

Sites with a maximum electricity demand of over 100kW must have a half-hourly meter (HH). HH meters must be installed by a meter operator chosen by you.

Non half-hourly meters (NHH), are generally used for smaller sites, and often installed by a local meter operator chosen by your supplier, unless you nominate your own.

MOPs cover all installation and maintenance requirements for HH or NHH meters. This includes maintaining communication with your supplier or DC/DA to ensure data is continually measured and shared.

What is DC/DA?

Data Collection and Data Aggregation (DC/DA) provides a clear and accurate report on energy use, helping to identify significant energy savings and carbon cutbacks.

GEAB deliver Energy Demand Management for your business

GEAB Energy Demand Management (or Demand-side Management) delivers energy savings by modifying energy use with technology and associated hardware which switches loads/circuits off at peak cost (or any other) times.

Systems or loads operationally required at certain intervals are able to be switched when not in service. Our energy assessors work with your business to identify these periods, and switch schedules to develop savings.

Once we have outlined a switching plan, we can liaise with your site facilities team or a representative, to implement the required electrical arrangements. The switch system can be installed by any qualified electrician, or we can arrange installation with our certified partners.

GEAB can also offer on-going consultation, continually reviewing existing switch schedules to identify further refinements, as required.

To meet MOP legalislative requirements and improve energy performance, contact GEAB from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday on 0800 084 3477.

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