Real-Time Energy Monitoring

Introducing MIMIR, the latest real-time energy monitoring tool which delivers up to 43% savings across your business with advanced metering and greater insights through real-time dashboards.

A laptop displaying an energy management chart

Make your energy use visible with MIMIR

The simple way to view energy consumption by building, department, circuit or machine, MIMIR software offers live energy consumption data broken down into easy to access components across any connected Gas, Electricity or Water pulse meter within a range of displays. Whether you wish to assess the efficiency of individual pieces of equipment, use read-outs to isolate energy leaks, or expose energy wastage across multiple-sites, buildings or departments, MIMIR browser-based software works to implement environmental strategies, identify areas of improvement, and verify the results of energy saving measures.

Helping businesses to cut costs, re-evaluate existing processes, and reduce carbon footprint with insight and accuracy, real-time energy monitoring from MIMIR is trusted by business around the globe.

Stage 1

A complete system

The MIMIR system captures critical energy data across your business in real-time, with advanced metering across commercial buildings, departments, circuits and equipment. The data gathering system presents usage insights through real-time dashboards.

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Class 0.2 metering monitors up to 8 three-phase channels per unit.


Monitor Electricity, Gas & Water in one location from any connected meter.


Use any web-browser from any location with no software required.


Add additional meters or MIMIR devices at your convenience.


Simple installation supported by free remote upgrades.

A digital dashboard displaying information about energy useage

Stage 2

Real-time monitoring

Your utility bill can’t show you exactly how you use your energy, but MIMIR can, with real-time data offering second-by-second information. This means you can identify wastage, test new process strategies and retrofit energy-saving equipment and see immediately whether they’re having an impact.


Real-time data capture against performance delivers real-time savings.


Set up email and SMS alerts to prevent excessive use and supply penalties.


Use data readings to check the claims of energy-saving products & equipment.


Real-time digital displays reveal your consumption patterns.


Check your performance on the move with our Smart phone app.

Stage 3

Energy analytics

MIMIR provides your business with insights into energy consumption across any commercial equipment or building, from the comfort of your PC or mobile device. Intelligent, flexible & easy to use, your energy information is made accessible and easy to understand.

A digital dashboard displaying information about energy useage


See digital meters displayed across the same performance chart.


View energy consumption by building, department, circuit or machine.


Support advanced financial planning with cost-tracking and spending forecasts.


Monitor your power quality to avoid maintenance and safety issues.


Daily email reports show improvements and expose weaknesses.

Two computer monitors displaying information about energy.

Stage 4

Public display

The MIMIR system can also power a range of real-time energy displays. These displays can be strategically positioned around your business to promote energy awareness, provide an incentive to adapt behaviours, and displays can incorporate features including league tables, to promote competition between departments and premises.


Clear and comprehensive displays provide quick readouts.


Promotes awareness around reducing energy usage.


Encourages staff or department sites to conserve energy.


Easily identifies patterns of consumption.

Frequently asked questions

Do GEAB charge for this service?

GEAB currently follow a clear and transparent uplift model, with the Strategic Account Manager and/or Energy Services Team commission rates embedded into contracts within either the unit rates or standing charge. We fully disclose the margin made by ourselves to all customers at point of sale.

What is Net Zero?

Net Zero refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas which is produced, versus the amount which is removed from the atmosphere. We will reach Net Zero status when the amount we add is no more than the amount subtracted. The UK hopes to obtain this status by 2050.

How do I switch business energy suppliers?

Contact GEAB and please ensure you have a copy of your most recent commercial gas and electricity bill for a quick, independent comparison based on your commercial usage.

Why should I use a procurement consultant?

GEAB consultants deliver invaluable services including negotiating price reductions due to long-term relationships with energy suppliers, keeping your business informed regarding grants and schemes you may be eligible to apply for, and helping to consolidate your billing.

Can GEAB help with any issues with my current supplier?

GEAB will act on your behalf to resolve any existing issues with your current supplier, wherever relevant. We provide historical bill validation to analyse any discrepancies, review your agreed supply capacity levels, and provide the best available deals to reduce wastage and lower consumption to improve on your current energy plan.

What is a Letter of Authority?

The Letter of Authority (LOA) is quick form customer’s fill in to enable our advisors to act on your behalf as we liaise with suppliers to secure the best prices for your business, terminate your current agreement if necessary, and oversee the switch.

Who looks after my account after the switch?

GEAB appoint a Strategic Account Manager to all customers, responsible for every stage of your journey, resolving any issues, and providing a fast and efficient response. Customers are contacted on a three-monthly basis to discuss their account and ensure billing is accurate and customer satisfaction is high, along with receiving relevant energy updates.

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