Real-Time Energy Monitoring

Our technology offers real-time energy monitoring and control for maximum efficiency, with GEAB sustainability experts analysing the data to identify savings opportunities and enabling remote control when needed.

A laptop displaying an energy management chart

Take the step to a sustainable future…

Our Energy Management System (EMS) is a sophisticated software solution designed to revolutionise how you handle energy consumption and production. It is an intelligent assistant for facilities and systems, monitoring, controlling, and optimising energy usage to ensure efficiency, cost savings, and environmental responsibility.

Helping businesses to cut costs, re-evaluate existing processes, and reduce carbon footprint with insight and accuracy, real-time energy monitoring from MIMIR is trusted by business around the globe.

We are committed to partnering with you towards a more efficient and environmentally responsible energy future.

Affordable Excellence

You can benefit from advanced energy management for as little as £300 a month. With zero upfront payments and a pay-as-you-save model, our EMS optimises energy usage affordably and effectively. It's a seamless way to optimise energy usage while conserving your resources.

Budget with Confidence

Predictive analytics is your crystal ball. You can forecast energy consumption, plan budgets effectively, and avoid surprises. Our EMS empowers you to stay on top of your energy expenses.

Carbon in Check

Going beyond energy optimisation, our EMS offers robust carbon tracking capabilities. Gain insights into your carbon footprint, take steps to balance your emissions impact, and seamlessly meet ESOS and/or SECR standards.

Unleash Insights, Uncover Savings

With real-time data insights, our EMS empowers you to make informed decisions that cut energy wastage and skyrocket savings. Identify consumption patterns, pinpoint inefficiencies, and deploy strategies for maximum cost reduction.

The Hardware

Eniscope Hybrid

Real-time energy monitoring covers 24-phase channels, which can also accommodate 8 three-phase channels, or a combination, per device, creating an IoT network for the Air product range.

Eniscope Air Switch

Asset-level monitoring and control for plug loads. Real-time analysis for critical assets with the ability to set Cloud schedules and logic controls.

Eniscope Air Sense

Environmental monitoring includes temperature, humidity, light and occupancy in one convenient product – with the capacity for more.

Air Temp

Air Temp is a battery-powered Wireless Temperature sensor and asset Condition sensor designed for food and commercial markets, helping identify problems through real-time temperature monitoring and asset condition tracking.


CUES is a simple retrofit device that contains a High-Tech Food simulant with the same Thermal characteristics as a typical Food product. This product ensures that the refrigeration system reacts to changes in Food temperature and not air resulting in energy saving.

Air Digital

Air Digital is a versatile Multi-functional IoT device capable of delivering a raft of smart building functionality to a huge variety of Premises via Control technology and Energy-saving Technology.

The Software

Two computer monitors.

Eniscope Analytics

Versatile Cloud software for managing dozens of locations from one convenient location.

  • Remote system control
  • Automatic alarms
  • Granular analysis
  • Minute-by-minute data
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Installation

    eniscope hybrid

    Before installation, we conduct a complete engineering survey to understand what needs to be installed where and when to minimise any disruption to your working practices.

    Once agreed, all equipment installation will be completed by our qualified engineers or approved contractors, after which you will be asked to complete a customer satisfaction note.

    Following the installation, we will have a period where we will assess all the data generated by the monitoring equipment, and this data will allow us to see all the areas of energy consumption and where potential savings can be made.

    Our sustainability experts actively utilise this data, boosting operational efficiency and delivering tangible advantages to your business. Say goodbye to disruptive downtime events as we ensure seamless operations.

    Frequently asked questions

    Do GEAB charge for this service?

    GEAB currently follow a clear and transparent uplift model, with the Strategic Account Manager and/or Energy Services Team commission rates embedded into contracts within either the unit rates or standing charge. We fully disclose the margin made by ourselves to all customers at point of sale.

    What is Net Zero?

    Net Zero refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas which is produced, versus the amount which is removed from the atmosphere. We will reach Net Zero status when the amount we add is no more than the amount subtracted. The UK hopes to obtain this status by 2050.

    How do I switch business energy suppliers?

    Contact GEAB and please ensure you have a copy of your most recent commercial gas and electricity bill for a quick, independent comparison based on your commercial usage.

    Why should I use a procurement consultant?

    GEAB consultants deliver invaluable services including negotiating price reductions due to long-term relationships with energy suppliers, keeping your business informed regarding grants and schemes you may be eligible to apply for, and helping to consolidate your billing.

    Can GEAB help with any issues with my current supplier?

    GEAB will act on your behalf to resolve any existing issues with your current supplier, wherever relevant. We provide historical bill validation to analyse any discrepancies, review your agreed supply capacity levels, and provide the best available deals to reduce wastage and lower consumption to improve on your current energy plan.

    What is a Letter of Authority?

    The Letter of Authority (LOA) is quick form customer’s fill in to enable our advisors to act on your behalf as we liaise with suppliers to secure the best prices for your business, terminate your current agreement if necessary, and oversee the switch.

    Who looks after my account after the switch?

    GEAB appoint a Strategic Account Manager to all customers, responsible for every stage of your journey, resolving any issues, and providing a fast and efficient response. Customers are contacted on a three-monthly basis to discuss their account and ensure billing is accurate and customer satisfaction is high, along with receiving relevant energy updates.

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