Business Energy

The Green Energy Advice Bureau negotiate optimum business utility contracts through our established network of commercial suppliers.

Our specialist procurement consultants work with leading organisations to:

  • Review current costs, annual expenditure and supplier data.
  • Create bespoke utility tenders to outline specific requirements.
  • Recommend cost-effective utility options from a supplier shortlist.
  • Manage your utility account for the duration of your contract.

Energy Procurement

Our GEAB procurement specialists are experts in negotiating contract terms and ensuring that your business gets the best possible deal.

We evaluate your business energy usage and expenditure to create bespoke procurement and sustainability proposals to meet exact requirements.

We deliver an end-to-end consultancy service providing advice and assistance across all aspects of organisational energy management.

Tackle climate change and make great savings for your business. Contact GEAB for expert advice and energy analysis.

Water Procurement

The water market opened in 2017, giving eligible businesses, charities and public sector customers the ability to choose who supplies the business’s water.

Switching water provider can cut costs and lower carbon emissions with reduced usage, improved efficiency, and water-conserving technologies.

We will help you secure the best contract for your business, from new contracts to bill validations through to water audits.

Make your company a greener more profitable business. Contact GEAB for advice on Water Management.

Telecoms Procurement

Keep your business connected with the best rates on telecom system services along with the fastest business broadband speeds.

With our dedicated account managers providing a comprehensive price comparison that is tailored to meet exact business and budget requirements, we will find you the perfect deal.

Let GEAB assist your business to reduce overall costs and improve service by switching supplier or renegotiating with your current provider.

Improve business services and make great savings. Contact GEAB for the best deals when you switch.

New Connections

New Connections from GEAB ensures any metering requirements for your business are completed by our specialist team; delivering solutions from site groundwork to meter installation and energy supplier consultation.

Whether your business is expanding and in need of additional capacity, or your organisation has relocated to new premises in need of energy meter(s), we offer end-to-end metering management, and support your business to avoid future overpayment by securing the best energy supplier contracts.

1. How do I arrange a new gas or electricity connection?

For businesses without current connection(s), contact your regional electricity and/or gas operator. These companies are solely responsible for mains connection and will not act as your energy supplier.

Who is my electricity distribution operator?

If you require connection to the national grid, contact your local Distribution Network Operator (DNO):

Electricity supplier map of Britain

Electricity Distribution Networks

Scottish & Southern Elecricity Networks

SP Energy Networks

Electricity North West

Northern Powergrid

UK Power Networks

Western Power Distribution

Source: OFGEM

Who is my gas distribution operator?

Contact your local gas distribution network operator to request main supply connection:

Gas supplier map of Britain

Gas Distribution Networks


Northern Gas Networks (NGN)

Cadent Gas

Wales & West Utilities (WWU)

Source: OFGEM

2. How do I get a meter installed?

Once you connect to your local electricity and/or gas operator, GEAB offer full technical consultation on reducing your required energy usage, along with quick and easy installation of your meter(s).

3. New Connection Siteworks

GEAB deliver a fully project managed and comprehensive service tailored to meet all commercial meter requirements, including:

  • Meter installation and upgrade - electricity, gas and/or water meters.
  • Meter removal - electricity, gas and/or water meters.
  • Meter relocation or re-connection - electricity, gas and/or water meters.
  • Supply works - A combination of meter supply and installation, or meter removal and supply upgrade.
  • Capacity increases and reductions - including meter supply and works.
  • Electricity sub-metering - for the installation of electricity sub-metering.
  • Technical consultation - GEAB Demandside Energy consultants deliver a full overview of your commercial requirements, offering expert advice on achieving optimum functionality and lowering annual costs.

4. How do I switch energy supplier?

Your business electricity and gas supply numbers identify the current supply to your premises and enable you to switch to the best deal for your business. Your latest electricity bill will provide a Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN), and your latest gas bill will provide a Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN).

If you’ve never been billed, GEAB contact your current supplier for these numbers, or for new business electricity or gas supply connections, we contact your local network distributors (see above) to supply this information.

For further information on meter requirements, and to find out how the energy experts at GEAB assist businesses like yours to reduce future costs, contact the GEAB team.

Net Zero

The UK is set to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.

The UK’s 2050 net zero target was suggested by the Committee on Climate Change, the UK’s independent climate advisory body. Net zero means any emissions would be balanced by schemes to offset a comparable amount of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

The UK has already reduced emissions by 42% while growing the economy by 72%, and has put clean growth at the heart of modern industrial strategy.

The percentage of Green Collar jobs could potentially grow to 2 million, with the value of exports from the low carbon economy grow to £170 billion a year by 2030.

For advice on Net Zero strategy, contact the GEAB team.

Fixed-price and fixed-term contracts

  • Negate the risk of potential cost increases within the utility market.
  • Offer your business a consistent annual utility budget.
  • Typically include wholesale utility; transport and distribution charges.
  • Include government taxes and levies.
  • Exclude VAT and Climate Change Levy (CCL).

Pass-Through contracts

  • Only wholesale utility cost and contract duration are fixed.
  • Non-commodity costs, including transmission, distribution and government taxes and levies, offer variable account charges.

Group Purchasing Scheme

The Green Energy Advice Bureau is able to leverage significant discounts with our Group Purchasing Scheme. We aggregate purchasing volume, while maintaining individual supply agreements for your organisation.

  • Negate the risk of potential cost increases within the utility market.
  • Offer your business a consistent annual utility budget.
  • Typically include wholesale utility; transport and distribution charges.
  • Include government taxes and levies.
  • Exclude VAT and Climate Change Levy (CCL).

OJEU Tendering

The Green Energy Advice Bureau OJEU tendering process offers your organisation a fully compliant and comprehensive service.

  • Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) legislation requires the online publication of public-sector tenders valued above a certain threshold.
  • This covers organisations and projects which receive public funding and are potentially affected by OJEU legislation, including Local Authorities; NHS Trusts; Central Government Departments; and educational faculties.
  • The Green Energy Advice Bureau works alongside your organisation to identify the correct contract value and produce a Prior Information Notice (PIN) on your behalf.
  • We develop a Statement of Requirements (SOR), and issue documentation and notices to ensure a broad range of supplier quotes.