Air Conditioning Inspection Report (ACIR)

What is an Air Conditioning Inspection Report?

If your business has an air conditioning system(s) with a cooling capacity of 12kW or more, an independent ACIR inspection and assessment will need to take place, and cannot be carried out by the maintenance company.

In the UK, the air conditioning system in a building includes groups of units that have a combined cooling capacity greater than 12kW. For regulatory purposes, the cooling capacity of an AC system is defined as the ‘sum of all the individual cooling units under the control of one building owner or operator’. The purpose of inspecting your air conditioning system is to:

  • Improve efficiency.
  • Reduce energy consumption.
  • Reduce operating costs.
  • Reduce carbon emissions.

An ACIR should take place every five years and there are financial penalties for non-compliance, starting at a minimum of £300, with a further £200 fine every time you fail to provide a copy of the report to an enforcement authority within seven days.

What does an Air Conditioning Inspection Report cover?

TM44 Air Conditioning (AC) Inspections identify ways energy consumption can be reduced, and is intended for all types of ‘comfort cooling’ (for the comfort of occupants), as well as air conditioning systems used in other parts of the premises, e.g. server Rooms etc.

THE ACIR doesn’t cover dedicated process cooling systems or systems that serve chilled distribution warehouses, or production and manufacturing facilities. For systems providing air conditioning for both process and comfort cooling, only areas providing comfort cooling will be inspected.

It is important to note that central air handling plant, cooling towers, chillers, condensers and coolers, local heat recovery ventilation units, and their controls are also included in the inspection report.

GEAB provide TM44 compliant ACIRs.

Our highly qualified and fully accredited assessors will visit your site(s) to complete the compulsory inspections of AC units, controls and manuals to ensure they are safe and operating efficiently. The TM44 certificate will also identify improvements to the energy efficiency of your AC system.

GEAB can also assist with any changes to reduce consumption and maintenance costs, and optimise the performance of your air conditioning systems.

To ensure your business meets compulsory ACIR obligations, contact GEAB from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday on 0800 084 3477.

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