Water Market De-regulation

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25 Mar, 2021
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GEAB offer expert advice to reduce operating costs and increase profits with a Water Management strategy tailored to your business, eligibility, and region.

What it means for your Business

The water market opened in 2017, giving eligible businesses, charities and public sector customers the ability to purchase their supply from water retailers and wastewater services.

GEAB work with businesses across the UK and Scotland to access eligibility, devise purchasing strategies, and reduce operational costs.

The benefits of switching water retailer include:

  • Direct contact regarding bills and payments, meter readings, customer service enquiries, and water saving advice.
  • Increased value for money and discounted costs.

As well as delivering benefits to businesses and organisations, environmental benefits aim to reduce carbon emissions via reduced water usage, improved efficiency and processing, and the use of water-conserving technologies.

FREE Water Health Check

GEAB conduct historical bill analysis with a free Water Health Check. Businesses may have been overpaying for services due to complex pricing structures and the reorganisation of water companies. Your free Water Health Check will potentially assist your business to:

  • Identify historical overcharges and potential refunds.
  • Develop a baseline understanding of water usage.
  • Identify organisational areas requiring competitive rates and service.

Water Auditing

GEAB auditors provide comprehensive reports to improve onsite water management. A Water Audit will potentially assist your business to:

  • Identify maintenance issues before they become operational problems.
  • Diagnose water efficiency improvements.
  • Present opportunities for the installation of improved water control technologies with costed estimates for retrofits and improvement works. 

GEAB offer integrated Water Management Programmes which allow businesses to comply with official regulations and reduce overall costs without significant investment.

For advice on Water management and on-going support to make your company a greener more profitable business, contact the GEAB team.

Frequently asked questions

Do water prices vary depending on region?

UK customers can expect a great deal of variation in water charges based on where they live and who supplies their water. Water usage may not have much correlation with your water bill, which will be made up of a fixed charge and a charge based on the rateable value of your home according to local authority assessment.

How can I reduce my water bill?

Regular maintenance checks are essential for keeping your water costs manageable. Dripping taps and hidden leaks are two of the most common reasons for sudden changes in your water bill, but easily fixed to lower your overheads. Find out more in our guide 5 Ways to Avoid Water Waste.

Do I have to have my water supplied by my regional supplier?

Customers are free to choose their water supplier since the water market opened in 2017, giving eligible businesses, charities and Public Sector clients the ability to purchase their supply from water retailers and wastewater services.

What is energy efficient water tech?

These devices save water and energy by minimising the use of heated water. Water efficient taps are a great way to save on water. Automatic and sensory taps are also a good option, eliminating the risk of taps being left to run. If you can, install a rainwater harvesting system for any landscaping and cooling needs.

How can I encourage staff to practice water-saving?

Place signs around the business to promote water-efficient culture and remind employees to be conscientious of use. Encouraging staff to take simple steps such as only using water needed in the kettle, running a dishwasher only when full, and fully turning off taps. Encourage employees to get involved and contribute ideas towards water-saving goals.

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