Transform Your Business with a Smart Meter

26th October 2021

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Smart meter installation is part of a government initiative, with domestic and commercial properties upgrading to smart meters systems, helping to reduce energy use across the UK.

From January 2022, energy suppliers will need to meet binding installation targets, with smart and advanced meters being installed within remaining non-smart premises by the end of 2025. 

Installation is free, covered by current tariffs, and provided by energy suppliers. Since 31 March 2020, 21.5 million smart meters have been installed in domestic and SME premises across the UK, with 1.3 million systems installed on non-domestic sites.

How Smart Meters Work for your Business

Smart meters generate data automatically, with readings updated every 30-minutes. Gas and electricity usage is displayed in real time, with energy consumption measured with far more accurate and instant data readings.

This means your business will be billed for the amount of energy used, rather than on estimated workplace usage, which can result in over or under-charging.

Also, you won’t need to submit meter readings from your business to your supplier. Smart meter data is automatically transmitted to the Data and Communications Company (DCC), which manages data submission between smart meters and energy supplier and network operator systems via a secure wireless network.

How Smart Meters Work for the Environment

 Businesses are able to analyse the measurable data provided by smart meter systems to review existing energy usage across the company.

Thanks to the accuracy of smart meter readings, workplace procedures can be refined with a view to implementing more environmentally-friendly, energy saving, business practices.

This not only allows companies to reduce overall annual expenditure, but also to meet legislative and company-focused environmental requirements.

Smart Meters: Key Points

·      Free installation is provided by energy suppliers with set-up charges covered by current tariffs.

·      Accurate readings based on actual usage, not estimated usage, which can result in over or under-charging.

·      No need to take readings. These are automatically sent to your supplier.

·      Businesses can analyse data generated by a smart meter to review energy usage and implement best practice.

·      Smart meter technology can reduce annual energy costs, while lessening the impact of business practices on the environment.

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