Being Proactive With Your Energy Supply Can Save You Time And Money

Complying with demanding technical and financial standards in energy procurement is often time and labour intensive. Finding the best deals on the market and constantly checking to make sure your energy rates are still the most economical is challenging for a business, especially when there are more important priorities to focus on – that’s where we come in.

 Here at The Green Energy Advice Bureau we offer all UK businesses, regardless of sector, a bespoke energy audit to make sure your energy supply is suitable for your business’ requirements and remains cost effective in the long-term.

 With a team of experienced specialist energy consultants that are constantly developing their skills and keeping on track with market trends, we will work with you to evaluate your energy requirement. Our experts will then help you to better understand your energy usage and expenditure. Taking this into account, your consultant will build an energy profile for your business outlining where savings can be made in terms of supply, equipment and staff behavioural changes.

 Our energy consultants are dedicated to providing you with the most up-to-date energy rates, compliances and best practice methods. You can consider us as part of your team, helping your business to run efficiently and effectively.

 We’re proud to say we have outstanding relationships with the main energy suppliers and our unrivalled buying power allows us to bring you the most cost effective rates and discounts that are unavailable to the market place directly. If you want access to the best deals, then our consultants are here to help.

So, let us do the hard work for you by researching and sourcing the best energy supply specifically for your business – it’s what we do best!

For more information, contact one of our energy consultants today on 0191 3037750 or visit or email [email protected]

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