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GEAB energy consultants take the hassle from switching supplier, helping you save on renewable business energy that doesn't cost the earth.

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Step 1 - Review

Speak to a specialist GEAB consultant for a free evaluation of your current energy contract. We discuss your preferences and review your ongoing business processes against existing consumption and costs.

Step 2 - Compare

After GEAB receive your Letter of Authority, they analyse the energy market to match exact specifications and meet ongoing energy targets. We deliver bespoke solutions to avoid wastage, lower current costs and lessen your environmental impact.

Step 3 - Switch

GEAB deliver the best available options, and you decide on the best solutions for your business with help and advice from our energy expert. They notify your current supplier and keep you updated as they oversee the switch.

Step 4 - Save

Your business benefits from cost-effective energy solutions alongside greener processes tailored to your requirements by our award-winning team.

What can The Green Energy Advice Bureau do for your business?

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Latest News, Tips & Insights

5 Ways your Business Can Avoid Overcharging

No one wants to pay too much across energy, but unfortunately, your supplier is far more likely to overcharge than undercharge. Find out how you can guard against paying too much on your energy bills with five ways for you to do just that…

Understanding your Business Energy Bills

Learning to understand key terms and charges contained in your business energy bills can help you gain greater insight into the best ways to power your business.

Back Billing: Does your Business have to Pay?

If your energy supplier has issued the wrong amount on your energy bill, they will claim back any outstanding amounts on your account by back billing for the money your business owes.

The Benefits of Going Green for your SME

As smaller operations, SMEs and start-up businesses often underestimate the value of their contribution towards supporting the UK's Net Zero targets. Sustainable measures aren’t just for larger businesses, and don’t have to mean making huge changes or investments. Discover how a greener approach is now a more customer-focused approach which encompasses active and consistent environmental awareness.

How Soon Can I Switch Business Energy Suppliers?

Choosing a new gas or electricity supplier for your business could help to reduce annual expenditure and lower existing overheads. A simple switch to a new energy contract could provide you with more funds to reinvest in other areas of your business, and help you to work towards a greener future.

How to Read your Business Gas Meter

Reading your business gas meter ensures your energy supplier is given accurate information, helping you to avoid estimated bills which are unpredictable, and can result in costly overheads due to over or underpaying.

Transform Your Business with a Smart Meter

Smart meter installation is part of a government initiative, with domestic and commercial properties upgrading to smart meters systems, helping to reduce energy use across the UK.

5 Ways your Business can make Environmentally-friendly Savings

Your business will have already taken steps to reduce environmental impact, and by setting both short and long-term targets, you can ensure these changes not only fulfil ongoing green responsibilities as we head towards a 2050 Net Zero target, but positively impact on your annual commercial spend.

Ofgem Explained

Ofgem feature around any news regarding the energy market or energy suppliers, but what exactly does Ofgem do, and who do they work for? Read on to find out…

Your Business Energy Switching FAQs

Switching your business energy supplier with GEAB not only ensures you get the best deal across utility bills for your business, but receive invaluable help and advice on tailoring the costs of consumption to meet your exact business requirements. Whatever size business or industry sector you’re working in, find all your energy switching questions answered by GEAB:

Carbon Footprint: What is it?

We’re all familiar with the phrase Carbon Footprint, but what does it actually mean? Technically, carbon footprint refers to the amount of carbon dioxide which is released into the atmosphere due to the specific activities of an individual, an organisation, or within a community.

Solar Panels: Your Questions Answered

Find out why solar panels are one of the smartest investments your business can make towards lowering energy costs and the necessity of producing fewer emissions.

3 tips for SMEs to go Carbon Neutral

The UK has a target of hitting Net Zero by 2050. Reducing your carbon emissions can not only result in significant savings across energy bills, but also promotes environmental integrity within your brand to existing and new customers.

Reduce Water Costs for your Business

Climate change has made the UK’s water supply increasingly unpredictable, and despite our less than arid climate, water remains a precious global resource which we can’t take for granted. Reducing water usage not only reduces your water bill, but also improves your carbon footprint and reduces carbon emissions.

What is a Half Hourly Meter?

There are various types of electricity meter available to businesses, with the right model dependent on energy usage.

How to Read your Business Gas Meter

Help your business avoid over or under-payments due to estimated energy bills, by taking your own meter readings.

Understanding the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

GEAB energy assessors produce Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and submit relevant documentation to the non-domestic energy performance register or the domestic energy performance certificate register, as required.

Water Market De-regulation

GEAB offer expert advice to reduce operating costs and increase profits with a Water Management strategy tailored to your business, eligibility, and region.